Contrived News That's A Sincere Sham

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An honest news source, you can't trust


June 3, 2017    北京中国 - Beijing, China


Welcome to The DEC. This is the official inaugural article to introduce my parody online newspaper, where I most definitely always successfully funny write headlines reflecting how absurd our world is and skewering our society and behaviors.

YOU: But, Paulie "the ON!*N" already writes satire using fake news and does it better.

ME: You know what? I've been writing this format on tumblr copying their format already for years, so... yeah... uhm.. what's it to you. Oh and like many people play rock music and more people are "M.C. D.J.'s" and no one tells them to stop - even if we want to.... so The D.E.C. is here to stay!

There are about four formats:

1. Headline Article - (Headline, Photo, No Article)

2. Basic Feature Article - (Headline, Photo, Complimenting Article)

3. Investigative Article - (Headline, Photo, Full Article, interview?)


Of Course.... got to get that Fake Ad money...

4. Fake Ads - Parody products.


You never know what is the real truth, so I just find it easier to believe everything.
— Paulie Caccamise - Chief Senior Editor and Assistant to himself @ daily epic chronicle