Paulie Caccamise

I'm an American born imaginative theater artist, charismatic teacher/director, earnest musician, sincere playwright and animated comedian centered in the heart of Beijing, China. I have always had a great sense that my calling is to illuminate imagination and foster a sense of play in those I come across using artistic mediums. Storytelling, music, comedy, improvisation and games are all dear to my heart. I hope the stories & scenes you purchase through paper lantern drama bring you happiness and humor as they affect you in many ways. I have put much of myself and my own experiences into these scripts and music and now their universality is available to you.


Paper Lantern Drama Theater Process:                                                  

"Play Together. Discover. Prepare. Execute while playing together."~ Paulie Caccamise ~





PHONE & WECHAT:                                                                  +86 186-0018-2441

LIVING AREA:                                                                                  BeiXinQiao Neighborhood, Beijing, China 100007